Compensation Footnotes

Compensation-Related Expenses


  •  Salaries and the actual cost of related work performed by research personnel (not co-investigators) that contributes towards the direct cost of research for which the funds were awarded, shall be in accordance with institutional policies.
  • Salaries and the actual cost of related work performed by graduate students should not exceed 50% of the grant per year.
  • Fees paid and gifts for the purpose of participant recruitment, such as modest incentives to consider participation (i.e., to establish a potential participant pool), where approved by a Research Ethics Board.
  • Fees paid and gifts to research participants, such as modest incentives for participation, where approved by a Research Ethics Board.
  • Travel Expenses (see below)

Non-Eligible Expenses

  • Any form of compensation to co-applicants and collaborators of the grant regardless of their eligibility to apply for grants (excluding graduate students)
  • Administrative overhead (or management) charges and fees.
  • Research Ethics Board fees.
  • Compensation-related benefits to recipients of stipends.
  • Discretionary severance and separation packages.
  • Honoraria for guest speakers.
  • Consulting fees.

Travel and Subsistence Costs

Eligible Expenses (not to exceed $1,500/year)

Travel and subsistence costs (meals and accommodation) include reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for field work, research conferences, collaborative trips for the grantee and research personnel working with the grantee for this project.

  • Air travel must be claimed at the most economical rate available, not to exceed full economy fare.
  • Travel cancellation insurance and seat reservation charges.

Non-Eligible Expenses

  • Commuting costs of grantees and associated research personnel between their residence and place of employment, or between two places of employment.
  • Passport and immigration fees.
  • Reimbursement for airfare purchased with personal frequent flyer points programs.

Computers and Electronic Communications

Non-Eligible Expenses

  • Computers, tablets, modems, emerging technology and other hardware.
  • Cellular phones, smartphone or other electronic devices.
  • Monthly plan fees for electronic devices.
  • Standard monthly connection or rental costs of telephones.
  • Connection or installation of lines (telephone or other links).
  • Voice mail.
  • Library acquisitions, computer and other information services provided to all members of an institution.
  • Home internet costs.

Dissemination of Research Results

Eligible Expenses (not to exceed $500/year)

  • Costs of developing web-based information, including website maintenance fees (to a max of $500).
  • Costs associated with the dissemination of findings.
  • Page charges for articles published, including costs associated with ensuring open access to the findings (e.g., costs of publishing in an open access journal or making a journal article open access).
  • Costs of preparing a research manuscript for publication.
  • Translation costs associated with dissemination of findings.
  • Costs of holding a workshop or seminar, the activities of which relate directly to the funded research (including non-alcoholic refreshments or meal costs).

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